“Help me to do it by myself”
Paula Lillard & Lynn Jessen


Two's (24 months - 36 months)

The focus of the two-year old program is on discovery.  Development of language, gross motor, and fine motor skills are refined through materials in the classroom.  Favorite words of a two-year old are “no”, “mine” and “I do it!”   This the age a child develops independence and autonomy.  For some children this is their first experience in school, toilet training, separation from their parents, and community living. 

Much of a two-year olds time is spent exploring to satisfy their curiosity of what is around them.  It is a time when they are able to focus and engage in activities.  They enjoy participating in their own activities of daily living.  Children are encouraged to clean up after themselves, serve themselves snack, and dress themselves to go outdoors.  The emergence of patience, self control, and respect for peers results from participating in community life.  Two-year olds become interested in other children.  Initially they prefer parallel play, but then transition to playing with others.  They love doing water activities in the practical life area.  These activities help develop concentration and fine motor skills.    

Words become the primary way for two-year olds to communicate.  At this stage they have 200 to 300 words in their vocabulary. They learn to use their verbal and non-verbal skills to resolve conflict.  Listening to simple stories and songs encourages them to use their words and their ability to carry on a conversation and ask for help quickly grows.