“The greatness of the human personality begins at birth”      Maria Montessori

Infant (6 weeks - 15 months)

The goals of the infant programs are to foster trust and the development of the child’s personality.  In order to do this the infant must feel loved and accepted.  Once this takes place the infant can begin to explore their own self and the world around them.  Infants learn by touching and responding to gentle touch as they move freely in their prepared environment interacting with their surroundings.  The need to explore is essential to an infant’s development.

Nurturing the infant is something we never lose sight of.  The importance of holding, feeding and communicating are keys to your infant feeling safe and secure, allowing them to develop a positive sense of self. 

All materials in the prepared environment support the infant’s natural development and assist your child in achieving their developmental milestones.  Individual learning activities that are age appropriate are provided for each child’s stage of development.

The room for younger infants is a cozy environment where the children can have tummy time, floor time and watch themselves in a mirror.  The older infant room is for those who have begun to crawl, climb and walk.  Each room has a four-to-one student infant teacher ratio.  Your child will attend the program that is most appropriate to their current developmental level.